The Visit

The plan was to get to Fernandina Beach to pick up Emily and Kyle, but when I looked at the parking lot at the Jim King boat ramp I realized this was a better place to meet up with our new crew members. So after seeing some of the other Loopers off at sunrise, I went back to bed for a bit.

Then we had a busy day of projects and boat cleaning to ready for our special company.

After they arrived early the next morning from driving 20 hours straight. We let them get a nap while we borrowed their car to do laundry and provision.

That afternoon we enjoyed a dinghy ride around the Creek to see the sights. What looked like sandy beach turned out to be sharp shells.

It was a little obvious that they were straight from the Great White North and sunscreen would be required…

After a nice meal on the flybridge we had Family games night in the Salon. One of the things you miss while traveling on the Loop.

The next day we set off for Fernandina Beach to celebrate Em’s Birthday.

We caught a mooring ball at Fernandina Beach and took the dinghy into town for a nice Birthday dinner at the Salty Pelican.

The following morning we set out for Cumberland Sound to anchor out and explore Cumberland Island.

On the north end of Amelia Island Fort Clinch is protecting the Sound and has been since before the Civil War.

Once we were anchored securely in the Sound we took the dinghy ashore to check out the beach.

Which way to the Beach?
















Em wanted to swim in the ocean and see wild horses while on vacation.

Done and Done!

We didn’t stay that long at the beach because I was nervous about the tidal currents and anchoring in the sound. Another great dinner of fresh seafood and night on the hook. By the next morning I was feeling secure enough to go tour the Dungeness Ruins for the day.

Dungeness was built by the Carnegie Family in the late 1800’s. It was more than just an old Mansion in the wilderness, it was a small town built to support the mansion as well. Amazing what you can build with endless monies.

The next morning it was back to the beach again for more wild horses and body surfing.
Then it was time to pull the anchor and head back to Fernandina Beach for a night out in town before they had to head home.
On the way back I spotted this dark spot on the horizon that wasn’t there when we crossed sound last time.

That’s no Island, that’s a Nuclear Submarine!
With the tide running out and the Sub making a turn up the Sound, we were closing in on him quickly. I thought Holy we are getting kinda close.

So did this Guy!


I think they were just trying to intimidate us with the machine guns…

It worked!
That day will forever be known as the day “Kyle stared down a Nuclear Submarine”! We celebrated with another seafood dinner and a drink in Florida’s Oldest Bar, “The Palace Saloon”.

All good things must come to an end. Up early we saw the kids off in a cab to find there car at Sister’s Creek, then a quiet day of boat cleaning and laundry.
We had a good afternoon of meeting people on the docks before we were chased in by some hefty thunderstorms.
All in all it was a very successful visit, it will make the highlight reels!

Don McCulloch
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