Sunday Money Sunday!

The last time we traveled through here we were running to pull the boat out in Indiantown and head home before Covid lockdown. I said at the time that was one of the coolest days of boating ever and I would love to do it again.

The second time didn’t disappoint.

It was a quiet morning travelling through the Cement Jungle.

That would change as we approached Ft Lauderdale.

This was taken just before the Cruise ship incident. It wasn’t really so much an incident, but stressful because I wasn’t expecting it.

First, I pulled out in front of an Container Ship departing the terminal. He was only going 3 knots and I was making 7, so I decided I could outrun him. Coming at us was an Eighty foot or so Yacht. I was wondering where he was going to go when he squeezes in between us. They look bigger when they are coming straight at you..

Then a Cruise Ship pulls right in front of us.

We ended up going astern of him, so close that we got turned by his prop wash. They look big from the stern as well.

After navigating through the commercial port, it was busy but less intimidating travelling through the AICW in Fort Lauderdale. 

There were some pretty affluent neighbourhoods.

Nice little Cottage and Runabout



Topiary Lions protecting the porch.

Cement Jazz band to liven up the deck

2nd story pool with waterfall from the roof.

International Swimming Hall of Fame


It would be easy to be jealous of the 1%ers and all the fancy High end toys, but I prefer to just be grateful to be able to cruise through on our little “Nautoncall” all the way from tiny Port Franks.

Not getting a speeding ticket!

Busy in Boca Raton!

Already a big day of boating and we are almost to the planned anchorage in Lake Worth when it gets real busy again. The Palm Beach International Boat Show is about to close. I seem to have a habit of arriving late…

This guy was zipping all over on that thing, it looked like fun.

$1.2 Billion in Yachts and accessories!

“We are not in Port Franks anymore Nauti!”

We were anchored just before 5 when all the horns from the Boat Show started blowing together signaling the End of the show.

Bridge opens on the half hours.

From then until Sunset every half hour the bridge would open and Millions of Dollars worth of new boats would parade past our anchorage.

You can charter this one for just under $1 million a week. Helicopter is extra of course.

Delta 88 Carbon “Call for Price”

Backing out the Big one!

And I got to watch it all having a beer or two on the Flybridge. Way better than Sunday night on the couch in front of the Big screen!

Don McCulloch
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