Savannah Shenanigans

After a successful night at anchor we pulled the hook early to get to Savannah as early as possible. It was a breezy morning and our trip down the Ogeechee River was choppy. The wind was right on our bow so it slowed us a bit but it wasn’t uncomfortable.  I was nervous because we had to turn 90deg. and go through a channel called “Hell Gate”. We could hear other cruisers calling out on the VHF to see if anyone knew the conditions there. So I wasn’t the only one worried.

In the end, It was tight but it was well marked and we even had room to pass this Gold Looper going the other way.

The radio was quite entertaining that day as a short time later, while passing Skid away Island, one of the locals started yelling at a cruiser going by too fast. He even called for someone to launch the “Evidence Drone”.

I don’t think he was yelling at us and I never saw a drone…

As we approached Savannah larger Estates started to appear.


We couldn’t get in to the Isle of Hope Marina.

A popular stop for Loopers.
We couldn’t get into Thunderbolt Marine.

There were some massive masts in the boat yard here.

And Sailboats all the way from Maui!

We did get lucky and snagged a slip at the Hinkley Yacht sales Boat Yard.

When we arrived they weren’t quite ready for us, they were busy pushing this little 60 footer into the spot we were to go into.

But they worked it out and Nauti fit right in with the Hinkley’s.

I snuck into the paint shop to see how the Pro’s do it on our way to use the Courtesy car to go do some provisioning and scope out the waterfront.

The next day it was full on “tourist” mode. Backpack and camera, we took an Uber to meet the neighbours at the Fountain.

Except I screwed up the Uber order and got dropped off at the wrong fountain.

But we found them and went for a walking tour of Savannah. 

Lots of history and beautiful architecture.

The Yellow Fever monument struck a chord as we are still a little Covid shy.

Georgia is an open carry state, meaning you can go into a bar and order a togo drink. (If you have ID…)

We took full advantage!

We even found B&M and D&J “Love Locks” on a bridge, how cute is that?

The group enjoyed a nice dinner by the waterfront. It was a fun day playing tourist.

On the way home we found out about Uber surge pricing, rates had tripled from our ride into town. Then I spied the Hinkley Courtesy car going by and flagged them down for a ride. It turned out to be the nice couple docked right in front of us and we had a fun ride back meeting new boaters.

Some times you get lucky..

Don McCulloch
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