Palm Beach to Fort Pierce

Back in Key Largo we met a looper who told us about his “Secret Beach” where you could take the dinghy and have access to Palm Beach and a Publix store. We tried it out and it was everything it was advertised to be.

After a quick shop for beer and a few provisions, we pulled the hook and joined the line of boats leaving the Boat Show.

I got a kick out of blending our old trawler into the line of big money boats!

Nautoncall was a little out of her element. I made the comment “It kinda looks like a normal high end marina, until you realize they are all 200′ Mega Yachts.”

Some a little bigger.

The Bravo Eugenia measures in @358′ and has an annual budget of $15 to 20 Mil.

After we left Lake Worth the traffic thinned out but there will still some interesting boats to see.


Also Bonair Beach had some pretty impressive beach houses.









When we arrived at Peck Lake the neighbours were already back from the beach.









They showed us the secret path.

It was an awesome beach.

The next morning we took a swim after breakfast where we met this nice lady. Jeannie, I think.

She told us about the Sea turtles and her daily walks on Bonair Beach.

I promised to put her in the blog if she would take our picture.

All refreshed we pointed the bow north up the AICW.

Crossing Jupiter Inlet was a cake walk compared to the last time we were here.

It was almost anticlimactic except it meant we were starting into new waters again and truly restarting our loop.

So what did we do?

Stopped of course!

Weather was coming in, Nautoncall needed an oil change and the crew needed a clothing change so we stopped at Fort Pierce City marina for a few days.

It was a good stop. We got some work done, sampled some of the local wares, got a deal on some better solar batteries and recharged our own batteries.


Don McCulloch
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