Labour Day Love!

Well Labour Day has come and gone. (Or Labor Day for my American friends) So much for leaving on the Tuesday after Labour Day.
When we originally planned this adventure and discussed leaving in August it was BooHoo’ed by someone that we would be missing the Annual Provenzano Family Pig Roast and Bobby Suvoy Memorial Can-Am Bocce Tournament.

So the timeline was decided, Retire early in the Summer, prepare the boat for the Loop in June and July, cruise North a little in August, home for Labour Day weekend and depart the First week of September and have a month to make Chicago. It all read like a Happy Looper’s Blog…

Then some idiot left a floor hatch open and subsequently fell through said hatch breaking his fibula. A nice spiral fracture that resemble a screw on the xrays (Jan has copies). Yep, your screwed! So 8 weeks later, here we are enjoying another Labour Day Cousin’s Weekend.

It was an awesome event as usual, the kind of thing you delay a trip for. Three days of Family, Friends and celebration to end the Summer holidays.

During the Saturday night “Plan A” party they had a surprise “Bon Voyage” present and we were given a book full of people we love wishing us a Happy Voyage. The book is to be carried on Nautoncall around the Loop so they can all come with us. It’s hard not to feel the love.

So, now I am stressing out about late departure dates and the amount of work to be done, just to get all the stuff on the boat and I have my Love Labouring into the night.

Don McCulloch
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