Day 94 – Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

When we left on this journey we were asked, “How can you stay away for that long?” My answer was, ” It’s kind of like going away to College, we will leave in September and fly home for the Christmas Holidays, then fly back and return in the summer”.  

Well the first semester is over already and it’s time to take a break and go home for the holidays.

We were fortunate enought to meet this nice couple back in Charlevoix Michigan.

They saw our Looper flag and wanted to introduce themselves. Jill and Paul had started the Loop on their boat in Florida and made it as far as Charlevoix, liked it so much they left the boat there. They said “We have a place on Anna Marie Island in Florida with a dock, you should look us up when you get there”.  Be careful what you ask for!  

We kept in touch and when it came up about where we were leaving the boat to fly home for Christmas they offered to let us leave our boat at their dock while we were home.

Personally I think Nautoncall adds a nice touch to their beautiful backyard.  

We had planned on being there a little earlier but the delays with engine repairs held us up.  It was a two day trip up from Ft Myers to Anna Marie Island to get to their place. We arrived about noon on the day before our flight home.  Enough time to get the boat secured, a nice lunch at the Sand Bar, a bike tour of the neighbourhood, a swim in their pool and  then dinner at The Rod and Reel restaurant. A very nice day indeed. If it weren’t for this Loop thing, I could get used to this Island lifestyle.

Not only did Jill and Paul offer us their dock, they drove us to the Airport today as well.

It was interesting flying out of Tampa and back up the coast that we had followed down with the boat. That is Honeymoon Island down there that we anchored behind after making the crossing from Carrabelle.

And just like that, we were over the Grat Lakes again. It took us three months to get to the sunny south and three hours to get back.
So now we are home for the Holidays to spend some family time and see our friends. For the first time in many years I dont need to worry about being on call over the Holidays. If you are in the neighbourhood, give us a call. Tis the Season…
Its good to be Nautoncall!

Don McCulloch
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  • Barry White
    Posted at 23:15h, 19 December Reply

    Sounds awesome. I got a spot for ya over here but you gotta go around a different loop to get here. Maybe one day.

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