Days 80 thru 90 – Fort Myers Week 2+

Our second week in Fort Myers was a mix of Waiting on boat parts, completing some projects on the boat and experiencing “Retired life in Florida”

We took the Free Trolly to see the Butterfly Estates. They were a little lacking live butterflies currently but it was a nice place to hang out for a few hours and I got a few pics.

There are some nice Sunsets here.

And interesting places to explore. This was a trip to Harbor Freight to do some Black Friday shopping.

We ended up docking at the Three Fisherman Seafood Restaurant dock and had a nice lunch on the way back. An Uber would have been cheaper but not near as nice.

After a big week of waiting, working and enjoying, we were ready for a break. Nautoncall was still without a transmission so we rented a car and drove to Fort Myers Beach so see the Watson’s and celebrate Bill’s Birthday.

And watch the Christmas Boat Parade


It was great fun, Bill’s Birthday was “well” celbrated.

Unfortunately it’s not all Beach Days and Tiki Bars. Back to Nautoncall to continue with the Engine repairs and as these things do, Engine repairs snowballed.

Our quick two or three days fix turned into two and a half weeks.

It’s good to be small and flexable when you are a boat mechanic. That’s my shiney new Flex Plate that took an extra 10 days to arrive.

After all that, when it all went back together and we took it for a test drive, it is still leaking a bit.

We are going to have to come back after the holidays to work on her again…

Don McCulloch
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