Days 149 to 166 Time flies when you are having fun! Part 1

Days 149 to 166 were dedicated to our Children. I had to break the post up into 2 parts because there was just too much fun for one.
Origionally I was planning on being in the Keys when the Kids visited, but you know how well I plan…
With the engine repairs and our Buddy boaters buying a house, we were behind schedule, so we decided to stay in the Fort Myers area for the kid’s visits.
Our Son has not been to Florida since we took him to Disney in 2001.
This trip would be a little different.

Not so many Happy cartoon characters,

But more characters enjoying Happy Hours!
Our food and drink budget took a big hit.
It wasn’t all Bars and Drinking, there were also Sand bars and Shelling

We took a dinghy tour to Bunchie Beach at low tide. Always interesting to see the sea creatures that get uncovered when the tide goes out.

Aligators and

White Pelicans came out to meet them as well.
We took them to swim in the Gulf at Fort Myers Beach, even Janet took her first swim in the Gulf.
Then it was time to head back to Fort Myers Yacht Basin to pick up Emily and have a weekend in the Entertainent District.
On the way we stopped at one of my favourite places, the Sanibel Island lighthouse.
Corey and Nowrin took the dinghy to the beach and I stayed behind to clean the bottom of Nautoncall. I quickly found out that cleaning the bottom in salt water is a completely different chore than at home in Lake Huron. Firstly I cut my hands on the barnacles that have grown on the swim platform brackets. (There were jokes about me chumming the waters for Sharks) Then I almost drowned myself trying out Janet’s new full face snorkle mask. It works OK looking down but it sure wasn’t designed to look up at the bottomof a boat. The bottom was not that bad as far as barnacles and the scum washed right off with a brush, but I think it might be a job better hired out to a professional next time.
The kids made out much better, while swimming off the beach at the Lighthouse, they had a dolphin swim right past them about `10′ away.
Corey was almost as excited telling us about it as he was all those years ago when he met Mickey! He called it the highlight of his trip so far.
I am calling the first part of our visit a success.

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Don McCulloch
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