Days 127 thru 134 Back in Fort Myers

Our mechanic made it back to town from working on someone else’s boat, so it was time to make our way back to Fort Myers Yacht Basin again. This time I was hoping to get into the South Basin where all the cool boats go.

But I guess they have our number because they put us into slip G1 instead. Right in front of the Cop Shop so they could keep an eye on us.
We had a huge feed of Blue Crab that we bought out in the Gulf.

I highly reccomend dinner at Janet’s Crab Shack.
After dinner we walked downtown for “Country and Western Music Walk”. The entire entertainment district was closed off and there were sidewalk bars, live bands and street preformers everywhere. It was basically one big outdoor bar.
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The next day we were up early as Brian the mechanic showed up to pull the transmission. It went well as it was the second time we did it.
Later that day we got to attend a Looper Gold Flag ceremony.
After 4 years and 11000 miles Pam and John came back to Cross their wake here at FMYB. Congratulations! This is where we met Pam and John, they are great people and treated us like old friends right away.
Pam’s advice on how to be a happy cruising couple, “The successful ones are the couples where the Captain listens to his wife!” Words to live by…
The transmission came back the very next day and was reinstalled and run to check for leaks. None were found, finally.
We were still waiting on a new water pump to come in so the rest of the week was dedicated to other projects. We got new USB chargers installed so we can run the tablet at the helm station.
Janet worked on replacing the screens with “No-see-em” screens.

Hopefully we won’t get eaten alive when we get to the Everglades.
Unfortunately one of the projects that needed attention was to replace the entire sanitation hose from the toilet to the tank. Not fun!
That sh***y job done, our new waterpump arrived and was installed as well as new packing in the Stuffing Box. Hopefully that will be the end of the mechanical repairs for a bit.
We did manage to fit some fun into our work week. Looperpalooza was in town and although we couldn’t attend because it was sold out, we did meet a few participants around town.
We had a fun evening with Scott and Karen from Capable Cruising at the 86 Room, a Speakeasy themed bar with a quirkey band.
It was a big week for live bands as we rounded out the week at the “Caloosahatchee Celtic Festival” where we saw some,
Screaming Orphans
And Albannach
You have to love a band with loud drums, bagpipes and a Didgerido!
I did!
But they were serving some strong beer which I’m sure helped.
It was a fun week and very productive as well.
Good to be Nautoncall!

Don McCulloch
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