Day 73 Ft Myers boat show coming at ya!

Day 73, Monday November 25th.  We had planned to heat to Ft Myers Yacht Basin to meet up with the mechanic to address our leaking transmission.  He had said he wouldn’t be able to see us before Tuesday so we left Cape Coral at 10AM for a leisurely 12NM ride up the Caloosahatchee River.  There was a boat show over the weekend at the marina and we were lucky to get a slip.

What we weren’t expecting was an In-the-water moving boat show as we ran up the river.

I could have name this post “Getting Waked by the Ft Myers Boat Show”.   Some of the boat captains clearly were not worried about fuel bills.  It was a busy time at the gas dock and Marina office when we got in.  We had to tie on the outer wall for some time before getting into a slip.  But if was fun watching all the commotion.
In the end we got settled in, showered and had a nice evening meeting other boaters on the docks.

Don McCulloch
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