Day 21,22,23 – From one Haven to Another

Friday Oct. 4th was originally going to be a stay in Port and do some work day.  But when I got up and looked at the weather it also looked like a good traveling day on Lake Michigan.  The North west winds had died over night and moderate East winds were predicted to diminish throughout the day.  So I took a dinghy ride out to the lake to check the swells and get a few pics of the Grand Haven Lighthouse.

The lake Michigan side of it looks like a snow plow.  That explains all the cool wave pictures. (Google grand haven lighthouse waves)
There was an offshore breeze and the swells were nice long 2 to 3′ waves coming from the NE. Not too bad for our boats to handle so we decided to take advantage of the conditions to get a little farther down the coast.

It was a good decision and we had a pleasant ride for the 42NM trip to South Haven.  It took some patience but I finally got Otto (Autopilot) to work and we spent most of the trip soaking up the sun and reading on the flybridge.
We arrived about 4PM.

We took a slip at the municipal marina, had dinner and then headed out on the town with the Watson’s.  A couple of drinks at Admiral Jack’s, which is basically a barge with a bar built on it and then finished the night at the Black River Tavern, where even “Fun Janet” made an appearance.
Saturday was provisioning day with a trip to the local Farmer’s market and then a trip to Myers about a mile up the road.  It felt like 3 miles coming back schlepping all the heavy stuff Janet bought at the grocery. (Note to self: When she says we just need milk and lettuce, bring the wagon just in case.)
Sunday we went uptown for a nice brunch at the Pheonix Street cafe and then a dinghy tour of the port with Marilyn, Bill and our new friends Pierre and Renee from the Shoreline Traveller.

Behind them is Admiral Jack’s and an old Riverboat restaurant called the “Idler” that once belonged to Vincent Price’s father.  There are many marina’s and boat slips in South Haven and It looks like it is quite the party spot on a busy summer weekend.  We went up the Black River a couple of miles enjoying the sun and all the boats.  The high water levels are definitely affecting the Port as there were many docks and break-walls under water.

The ducks were the only ones enjoying this nice pavilion on a waterfront trail.  The boardwalk leading up to it is between us and the pavilion and under water about 18″. We stopped at Captain Lou’s Bar and Grill for a drink and appetizer before dinner.

We finished the day with dinner and then games night with the Loopers in the boater’s lounge.  A pretty good weekend for sure.

We still have a few days to kill before the Locks are scheduled to open on the Illinois River.   Tuesday looks like our next weather window on Lake Michigan so we hope to make it to Michigan City for a ccouple of days then on to the “Windy City” .  Although from our experience all the Cities on Lake Michigan are windy.

Don McCulloch
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