Day 190 Made Miami

After a quiet night at anchor, we were up early to cross Biscayne Bay before the East winds blew up. Truth be told the winds have been blowing from the East constantly since we arrived in the keys.
There was a small beam sea but because the bay is shallow it was a tolerable 2′ chop.
It reminded me of crossing Lake Michigan coming into Chicago. 
Except you could see your shadow on the bottom.

Coming into Miami was a bit surreal.
We can get local radio stations and learn that Social distancing is becoming Lockdown. Beaches and bars are closed to the public.

Beaches and bars closed in Miami during March break!
This is getting serious…

It was interesting to see so many Cruise ships at the Port of Miami.

It was also scary knowing that some of them contained the virus. The Coast Gaurd were broadcasting a “Security Call” on the VHF warning that the Shipping Channel was closed to private vessels.
We anchored in the lee of Star Island with a nice view of the City skyline.

It was cool watching the Cruise Ships coming,

And going,

They all looked empty to me, I assume they were dropping off passengers and heading back out to anchor at sea. There were many others showing up on the AIS anchored offshore a little ways.
With all the news and closures, there were still a few people out enjoying a Saturday on the water.

Most were, Bigger, Better, Faster than Nautoncall!

That evening, our Free to Air TV antenna was working like cable in the Big City. We had 50 some odd channels. On some of those channels we saw what was going on with the Pandemic, Business’s closing including Marinas, possible travel bans, etc. It was then that we decided to pack up and head home until the dust settles.

Don McCulloch
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