Day 189 On the Move North

We were unable to get fuel at Tavernier yesterday so our first stop today was at Gilberts marine to take on enough fuel to get us by for the next two weeks without stopping. The restaurant and bar were closed but the gas dock was still open. It was a challenge to get into with a Port hand tie and strong currents and winds in the narrows.

We took on 140 US Gallons of diesel but were not able to pumpout the holding tank. We then crossed Card Sound and anchored between Pumpkin Key and Little Pumpkin Creek.

Pumpkin Key is currently for sale, listed at $95,000,000.00 not sure if it includes the yacht.



Our anchorage was just off the Ocean Reef Club’s golf course. One of those resorts for the Rich and Famous. Playpen for numerous Presidents and Celebrities. If Marco Island is for the 1% ers’ this place is for the .1%.
If you look close at the Google Aerial photo there are aver a dozen private jets parked at the Private Airstrip. The image date was 12/30/2017, so I guess they were all at the New Years Party.
They have some pretty nice toys.

How about this for a collection of beach toys?

In the End, he who has the most toys…

Not much extra room on this dock.

It was a good day of travelling on the Great Loop. Some scenic cruising, successful fuel stop and anchoring. Followed by an interesting dinghy tour that took us out into the Atlantic Ocean and a nice sunset.
It was easy to forget for a little bit that there was a Global Pandemic going on.

Don McCulloch
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