Day 18 Miserable in Muskegon

This looping lifestyle, It’s not all rainbows,


And beautiful Sunrises.

Unlike the other day that started out scary and ended up being a nice Saturday,  today was the opposite,  it started out great and turned into a miserable wet day.
We started out with a dinghy trip to tour the USS Silversides submarine and museum.  I took a ton of pictures.  It was an amazing machine that was a big asset to the war effort in the South Pacific.  I bow to the ingenuity of the people that built it and the fortitude of the people that operated it in unimaginable conditions.  To live and work with 79 other stinky sailors inside this tiny ship…  It humbles me to think of the luxury that the two of us can live on this 40′ boat because of the sacrifice of those sailors.

Here is a short slideshow of my pictures.

That was the good part of the day.

We traveled back to Nautoncall in the rain.  We decided the weather was not conducive to travelling anywhere today and we should just stay at anchor .  Then I found that one of the hatch covers had gone missing,  I’m sure I snapped it on in the morning,  but it was no where to be found.  I checked the battery levels as our solar array was not producing much in the overcast conditions and decided we needed to go into power saving mode.  I tried to run our back-up portable generator to top up the batteries only to find out it cannot handle the demands of our new battery charger.  I checked the water levels and discovered we were very low on fresh water,  time to ration water as well.  Then I checked emails and found out the Lock closures on the Illinois River have been delayed due to flooding until who knows when. 

Then the big rains came.  It rained heavy off and on all night.  Without the hatch cover the rain leaked into the head.  Janet was trying to catch the drips with buckets and bowls.  Not a happy Admiral for sure.
The only bright spot in a wet miserable evening was when we took the dinghy over to the Watson’s for a night of Scrabble .   I kicked their asses 3 games in a row.  Unfortunately they will probably never play Scrabble with us again.

Brighter days ahead, I hope!


Don McCulloch
  • Sue Young
    Posted at 09:10h, 03 October Reply

    Wow lots going wrong hope you get them all figured out. Good thing janet brought her sewing machine so she can make a new hatch cover. 😁 Hope for sunny days ahead. 😎 If its any constellation it has been raining here alot.

  • Barry White
    Posted at 21:17h, 20 December Reply

    You gotta appreciate the bad days… without them the good ones wouldn’t be as good. 79 stinky men on a tight ship… I can’t imagine it. One other guy on a locomotive is all I can take.

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