Day 15 – Back in Frankfort

We tried to leave Frankfort this morning. Wind switched out of the North and we hope a following sea would not ne too bad. We left a 0830 and headed out into the Lake. The waves were right on the beam leaving the harbour. About the second or 3rd wave we hit right on the beam rolled the boat very bad. The aft cupboard opened and spilled most of the contents onto the floor, the armchair took off across the floor and the computer moniter took a dive. We got turned down wind and it was rollie but not too bad so we continued. About 4 miles down lake the seas really began to build and we started to surf on the big ones. When I went back to check how the dinghy was handling the following seas I had to look up to see the nextwave coming.

That was it for me, we were in danger of broaching on the big swells and I had visions of the engine stalling again and leaving us at the mercy of the swells so I decided to turn back. The swells were 6 to 7′ well past our comfort level. I knew Frankfort had a nice safe breakwall to head into so we came back. We made it in safely,Althouogh both a little shaken.

After that the sun came out and it turned into a pretty nice day on shore. We went to the farmer’s market, bought some fruit and Emu Kabobs for dinner.

The Emu kabobs were really good, like a lean steak, very tender and a little gamey.
After dinner it was date night, walk downton for ice cream and a movie. They have an old cinema here, the Garden Theater, opened in 1923 and has been renovated back to her former glory.
We saw “The Peanut Butter Falcon”. It was awesome and set in the lower Mississippi and barrier Islands so it was quite topical since that is where we are headed. It was a nice finish to a not so nice start of the day.

Don McCulloch
  • Brenna
    Posted at 21:58h, 29 September Reply

    So glad you are safe! And you will have to start giving us your nightly dinner recipes!

  • Sue Young
    Posted at 09:00h, 30 September Reply

    Wow so glad you were able to turn back and are safe. Hope for a better day tomorrow.

  • Barry White
    Posted at 21:06h, 20 December Reply


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