Day 12 & 13 – Frankfort Follies

When we docked at Frankfort the Dockmaster told us that there was a big blow coming and we should expect a surge to enter the harbour, possibly up to 2 feet. We might be wise to add extra lines and make sure to add lines to tie the boat away from the dock. It turned out the Dockmaster knew what he was talking about.

We woke to 20 Knot winds hitting us from the South West. Bill and I were up early retying dock lines. Both boats were bouncing around quite a bit. Nautoncall was bow in facing North so the new top and tarps were like a big sail on her flybridge. The top was definitely getting a workout as were the new tarps. Both survived quite well with no damage.

You could see the waves crashing over the break-walls so after breakfast we took a dinghy ride to see if we could get a few pictures. I got some Go-pro footage but have not learned how to post it yet. 

In the back of Lake Betsie we found a tug boat grave yard that was interesting. Who doesn’t like old tug boats?

After lunch Janet and I took the dinghy across the harbour to climb the hill to get an overview of the waves on the lake.

On the way up the hill we found a nice view of the boats tied up at the marina.






Although the wind had let up a little the waves were still rolling in. We made our way down to the beach for a closer look.

The beach was awesome, a lot like the Pinery back home. They had a neat way to finance the boardwalks out through the dunes, selling boards with your name engraved on it. I was disappointed with the amount of plastic garbage washed up on the shore. I always try to do the thing about picking up 3 pieces of plastic whenever you go to the beach, but it would take a lot of 3 piece visits to make a dent in the amount of garbage here.

Jan tried to write our name in the sand,

But she had a little trouble with the waves erasing her work. When she did get it complete a big friendly dog came and ran through it.

It was good to get your feet wet and sandy again. Here she is getting her steps in figuratively…

Today, Day 13 we woke to high winds again out of the west. After breakfast we went for a big bike ride to Crystal lake and back.

It was a beautiful spot, aptly named, the water was crystal clear. There was a beautiful sandy beach that got deep very gradually. It would be an awesome place to take your toddlers swimming. 

After a 15KM bike ride up and down some big hills we were both spent and had a nice nap on the flybridge after lunch.

A good day to be Nautoncall again! 


P.S. Suzy, I am all caught up with the blogging thing

Don McCulloch
  • Pamela Provenzano
    Posted at 08:51h, 27 September Reply

    Thanks for the updates. I so look forward to seeing where you are and reading about your adventures and it looks like Lake Michigan may calm down so you guys can continue the journey. Take care.

  • Sue Young
    Posted at 08:54h, 30 September Reply

    You are Don and i enjoy reading it all thanks.

  • Barry White
    Posted at 21:02h, 20 December Reply

    I’m enjoying these updates! I’m only seeing them now cause I didn’t know to clink the link in Facebook to get to your website. I’m a dummy, but that’s ok. I should catch up with your present location in a couple days… Keep them coming!

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