Back to Cruising

I am calling this post ” Back to Cruising” because we got to do regular cruising things. See new places, meet new people, meet up with friends and family, go to the beach, you know, the fun stuff.

We left the dock at a leisurely 9:30. Right around the corner we entered the Ortona Lock without delay. We passed by the Town docks at La Belle where we spotted the TouCan, people we met in the boat yard. They haven’t made it too far yet either.


We waved but they must have been otherwise occupied because we didn’t see them. It did look like a market was going on in the park. Always a nice stop when you find free docks and a farmers market.  We took about a 30 minute delay at the Franklin Lock while waiting for a Tour Boat to lock through ahead of us. It didn’t damper our spirits at all. Clearing the lock and continuing down the Caloosahatchee River, we had a small wake crossing because we had completed the “Smugglers Run” (A 420NM run around the Southern part of Florida. Maybe some day I will devote an entire past to it, but not today). A short time later we landed in the old familiar, Ft Myers Yacht Basin for a few days.




We had visitors right away, Jim and Angie drove over from Wrinklewood to have dinner with us. Nicest people who ever stole a slip from us…

The next Janet’s Cousins showed up for a visit.  I got in trouble for letting Cousin Jim on the boat as he recently had knee surgery but he really wanted to see the boat and I was proud to show him and get him to sign the guest register. Sorry Mo!

Angie came back to spend the night and take us out on a provisioning trip the following day.


While we were there we also got to go for a drink with our friends from FMYB, Randy and Ann. They are recently retired and looking to spend more time on the boat so I was pushing the Great Loop on them pretty hard. I also had time to get some lessons on Aqua Maps from John of Short Vacation, a Gold Looper we met here 2 years ago when they crossed their wake. Thanks again John!

After all that and a month of boat work, we were ready for a little down time so it was off to the beach!

The next morning we set out and 6 hours and 35NM later we dropped the hook in one of our favourite anchorages so far. Pelican Bay in Cayo Costa State Park.

I think I am going to enjoy being back in the Cruising life again!












Don McCulloch
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