Another duck



I have been talking for months about getting all my ducks in a row. Getting all the things necessary to ]eave home for a year and travel America’s Great Loop.


Buy an affordable boat suitable for long distance travel, check.

Take her on some trial voyages to see if we like the cruising lifestyle, check.

Retire from the Railroad so you have enough time to travel leisurely, check.

Join the AGLCA to learn about the route and what to expect, check.

Find Insurance to cover us for the entire route, check.


Well today we crossed a big one off of our list and got our Cruising permit to spend a year in the United States.

The process was easy in the end. We showed up at the Port Huron Customs office and met with Officer Allen who apparently is the only one who knows about Cruising permits in the office. It took three tries to show up when he was actually in the office but when we did it was a simple process to fill out the form with all pertentant information and get it signed by the Port Director. In a little under 2 hours the Watson’s and us left with 2 signed and sealed Cruiising Permits.

Watch out US of A, here we come….

Don McCulloch
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