All over Haulover

It’s time to head North on the AICW, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway or as some call it the “ditch”. You can navigate all the way from the Keys to Norfolk VA without travelling out in the Ocean.



Here we are starting out by Miami Beach.

Sometimes if the weather is right it is quicker and easier to travel on the “Outside”. This was one of those days, by travelling the outside we avoid a number of bridges and the heavy weekend traffic on the AICW.  But mostly it was to be able to say that we ran the famous Haulover Inlet.


Some people ran a little faster than us.

The infamous Haulover inlet is known for it’s huge standing waves caused by the tidal current meeting the ocean winds and waves.



But if you time it right at slack tide with light winds…

Then it can be just like driving into Port Franks!


Once back on the inside it was like Port Franks on steroids – there was a sandbar where all the day trippers hang out because they are afraid to go out into the Big water.

This was taken early before it got busy. We traveled up the Intracoastal a short distance and anchored in Maul Lake.

We met “sizeable” boat traffic going in.



After we set the hook we set out in the dinghy with the neighbours to find lunch.

We ended up at the “Chip Boats” back at the sandbar.  I had the Ceviche, it was very good.

Then we took a dinghy tour around the area to check out the sights and sounds,

and there were lots of sights and sounds.

Loud stereos, expensive boats, tiny bathing costumes and some dance moves your Mother would not approve of…

This guy brought his own waterpark.

The boat traffic ranged from Kayaks to Mega Yachts.

On the way back we turned off the AICW and went up the Oleta River back into Maul Lake. It was a quiet trip back through the mangroves. We only passed a few paddle boards and Kayaks, quite a contrast from the Circus of Bakers Haulover inlet.

After a big day of exploring Haulover Inlet we were in bed shortly after this happened.

Ready to head north in the morning.



Don McCulloch
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