We didn’t come to this place in our lives where we are capable of attempting the Circumnavigation of the Eastern Half of the North America by ourselves.

There are a lot of people that helped us to get here and make this possible.

Firstly there was this man.

I’se the Bye that builds the boat


My father started a wood boat in the basement and finished it in the backyard when I was a toddler. He instilled in me a love for boats and all things marine. He taught me to respect tradition and to appreciate craftsmanship. He taught me how to use power tools and gave me a good work ethic as well. We lost him far too early, before I even learned of the Great Loop. I am sure he would have been ecstatic to see us off. (If not on board) Thanks Pops!


Then there is my lovely wife Janet who was foolish enough to let me buy Nautoncall and get behind a plan to cruise. I have always said “I married her because she was the first girl that could drive the boat straight.” It was a good choice. Nautoncall is a big boat to handle, even with 2 crew it can be a challenge. Janet is a very capable “Yachtsman” and I couldn’t do the loop without her. Plus she sews a mean boat tarp. Thank You my Love!


My family can’t be thanked enough, Corey and Emily keeping the home fires burning, my Sister Marion for coming and staying the winter with our Mother and taking that stress away from me and my Mother for not letting her needs get in the way of my dreams. I know she is scared of us leaving and would prefer if we stayed home but you won’t hear her say it. Thanks Mom!


Our friends have been totally supportive and helpful. They are even sending these 2 to keep us company and watch out for us…

Janet with Bill and Marilyn


Thank You Knot Diggin for being our “Buddy Boat”

Knot Diggin and Nautoncall rafted together


Seven Winds Marina in Port Franks is our home for Nautoncall and John McClennan and then Waterkrafts Marine have taken very good care of Nautoncall since we brought her home.


Don Brooks and O’tools, helped me out with a Golf Cart to use as an electric wheelchair while I was laid up with a broken ankle and it was a great help allowing me to make it to the boat while on crutches and in a cast. It was very helpful and made a trying time easier. Thank You!


Dennis Skinner

My neighbour is my go-to guy when I need a hand with boat projects. He was a welcome hand when I was trying to install a hard top on the boat in the water while wearing an air-cast and probably not supposed to be climbing ladders.  Thanks Dennis!


Mr Brian Clutton

A great friend and proprietor of Strictly Sunrooms was also instrumental with the hard top install. Among other things Brian is always there for a Sailor in need… Thanks F***er


Teresa and the Ausable River Canvas Company helped us with making new tarps for the new flybridge cover. Teresa’s guidance and supplies were invaluable when we were in a time jamb and without her we would be travelling with no shelter from the elements on the flybridge. Thanks Teresa!


Brenna Houston

My niece Brenna is my Webmaster and consultant on all things “Social Media”.  She built this blog, If it wasn’t for her you would not being reading all this. (Turns out she is a computer God!)

Thanks Boo! 


Update:  I was just out lifting the dinghy onto my new swim platform and realized that I forgot to mention one of my oldest friends Dieter Wolff. He manufactured the new swim platform brackets out of stainless steel and wouldn’t take anything for his trouble or supplies. How could I have overlooked this Thank You? Please accept my sincere apologies for not remembering earlier.










I am sure there are more and I will update as I remember. Feel free to remind me if you feel overlooked.


Thank You again!